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I am no longer using this journal, Sorry! I won't be adding anyone or making any updates here!

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doot doot *comments*

that was REALLY REALLY FAST. *adds*

Hi Emmie, will you please add me?

Keep me! Please and thank you with bats on top.

of course! Are they spooky bats?

Please add me...Thank you :)

*added* (^_-)-☆

please keep me on the list too? :)

of course!

keep mee :D

*poke* Gotta luv me ^__^

ok but only for lots of baby pictures! (^人^)

zomg, commentzor :O

May I be added to your journal please? I very much enjoy reading about your antics.^_^

I would never take you off!! *hugs*

I therefore proclaim you battard

There should be a battard theme song! tonight I am making bat jello!

*Crisan runs* Aghh I'm the las in comment!!!

you are far from last silly! f^_^;

Haha, trhe bats have arrived. XD


thanks for stickin around!


and while I'm at it...

*bats* from the phishes too!


that is a good idea! My lj is friends to! Only the people i know or, know well enough can read my lj :) Its really more fun and saver!

safe is good! did you get my email about the dress? sorry we seem to have so many troubles! (^_-)-☆

Don't leave meeee ;_; (XD if you need to readd everyone)


hi will your magazine posts be friends only aswell. if so could you add me because i really liked reading those.

Re: hi

nope all my scans will be left open for everyone to share!

Lovely bats! And yes I am commenting to be added.

m(__)m *bows to the lord of the sith*

MUWAHAHAHA *dix bat*

Add me~~~~~*bow*


Can I be added please.


since you've never commented before can I ask first how you found me and all that?

I can try

I never took you off! *hugs*

I hope you keep me! I love so much reading your posts *hugs*

of course I kept you!!!

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